Wild Gardens


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Sven Nürnberger


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216 pages
220 colour photographs

Designing gardens naturalistically

Prairie, Alps or South America – what are the predominant habitat conditions where different plants are found naturally? This detailed gardening book examines the topic in more detail, deriving implications for garden design and interpretations for your own garden. With the help of selected vegetation descriptions and vivid photographs, you’ll be taken on an exciting journey to different regions of the Earth. Step by step, the implications of the plants’ natural sites for domestic gardens are examined, showing you the possibilities for designing a near-natural garden, with a perfect balance when it comes to aesthetics and habitat requirements.

Sven Nürnberger

The last two years have been fast for Sven Nürnberger. Two books had to be finished: "Palmengarten" (April 2019) and "Wild Garden" (September 2019). In addition, there were trips, lectures and above all work in the palm grove. Now he wants a little more time for family, music and his interest in other cultures. His enthusiasm for nature developed as early as primary school. Stones fascinated those born in Frankfurt in 1972, even before there was any lasting interest in plants. Her class teacher recognised this potential and advised her to go to the Technical College for Agriculture after finishing secondary school. Three practical days a week awaited him, which led him to Frankfurt's Palmengarten for six months. He eagerly learned and listened to the lectures given by the gardeners, who talked about travel, plant communities and places. Of course, he wanted to garden himself. His parents left him their front yard. Soon the hedge and small conifers gave way to a rock garden with a pond and raised bog. His enthusiasm infected the neighbourhood and other gardens were also transformed.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger