Therapeutic Creativity for Kids with Painting


Social Sciences

Pascale Blanc


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240 pages
170 x 240 mm

Using Art to Promote Cultural Awakening

Creativity and early childhood are closely linked: creation is the main activity of young children with the creation of themselves, the world around them and their relationship with others. To respectfully welcome a child’s needs, the author proposes creativity workshops along the lines of “The Play of Painting” by Arno Stern. Unlike an artistic workshop where a child’s work is judged, corrected and considered for its objective value, a creative, fun workshop free of charge, liberates the child’s expres- siveness and ability to understand, to organise the surrounding world and develop relations with others that are a source of reciprocal enrichment

Pascale Blanc

Pascale Blanc is a trainer and educator of young children. She runs a creative painting workshop and is part of the editorial board for the journal Métiers de la petite enfance.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger