The Tatootherapy Oracle


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Guy Trédaniel

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115 x 160 mm

Tattoo artist Sandytatoo.2.0 shares her passion for body, soul and spirit in an innovative way: healing with the art of the tattoo. With this in mind, she created the Tatootherapy© concept to help those who came to her studio. The symbols and messages in this oracle deck are the result of years of experience that allowed her to see the positive impact of her method on her clients/patients.

Each of theses beautiful symbols – which she received while under self-hypnosis – comes as an answer to a dis-ease, an emotional wound or any form of existential anxiety, providing inspiring guidance to reach instant emotional liberation. The SOS messages at the end of the book offer direct answers to ease any urgent request.

Thanks to their elegant and soothing gold design, the cards reveal their message in the simplest way, through the key-words they bear. To assist your readings, the booklet features different layouts, possible card meanings and clear, supportive advice. This highly intuitive oracle combines art therapy with words inspired by various holistic practices focused on emotional well-being (magnetism, shamanism, emotional sophrology).

This gorgeous box set is an essential guidance tool to help you rapidly find your inner peace.

Sandy lives in the Paris area (France).

Instagram: @ sandytatoo.2.0


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Key Selling Points:

  • A gorgeous object: a gold-foiled box; cards with pantone-gold borders; a unique pocket to protect the card.
  • An innovative, trending theme for this kind of product: tattoo
  • A subtle, delicate design with a modern esoteric style, created by a renowned creation studio
  • Accessible to all, whether novice or experienced
  • SOS messages offering an immediate answer.


Sandytatoo is a connected artist, medium, and tattoo ritual specialist. After years of work on the physical body and having witnessed the positive psychological impact of co-creativity with her clients/patients, she created the Tatootherapie© method.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger