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Sylvie Chagnon

Guy Trédaniel

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24 x 24
450 pages


Western medicinal plants

This book is a patient and meticulous work, a weaving between two different ways of thinking, two distant civilisations. It is based on the in-office experiences of both authors. It took four years of joint work and experimentation to bridge the gap between these two care services. This book is intended for practitioners in Traditional Chinese Medicine who would like to know more about Western plants, to herbalists who would be attracted to the world of Chinese medicine but also to all people interested in healing with plants. Its starting point is based on the energetic imbalances of the ‘Zang’ and ‘Fu’ organs with the detail of each plant, the explanation of their effects on the physical and psycho-emotional body, the privileged forms (infusion, decoction, tincture, vinegar, powder, glycerised), dosages, contraindications, subtle actions. Simply put, each plant, root, leaf, flower reveals its potentials… 111 plants are thus presented.


Sylvie Chagnon

SYLVIE CHAGNON is French, graduated in Chinese medicine and qi gong by 2 hospitals in Beijing. Two women, each passionate by their own specialty. Two women whom life throws together. Two women motivated by the same desire: to connect Chinese medicine and Western medicinal plants. Sylvie Chagnon is the author of WU Manual of energetic massages, published by the same publisher.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger