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There are things in health care that bring healing results and that cannot be rationally explained. That is one of the thoughts behind the collaboration between the Viennese neurosurgeon and psychiatrist Dr. Iris Zachenhofer and the German Andrea Kalff, who is the first European to be trained in Korean shamanism.With openness to each other’s perspectives, the two specialists in their fields tried to help patients and achieved astonishing success.

First European woman trained in Korean shamanism

The knowledge they gathered in the process is made available to everyone who believes that humans are more than the sum of their organs in their book “The Shaman Therapy – Science discovers the healing arts of our ancestors”. Rituals and conventional medicine, knowledge that is thousands of years old and current research results – Zachenhofer and Kalff show how medicine can develop to the benefit of patients, even apart from technical revolutions, and what they already have gathered from that. The two have already given an important impulse with their project: A study is planned at a leading Viennese hospital to scientifically evaluate synergy effects from the collaboration between shamanism and medicine.

Exciting case studies

Zachenhofer and Kalff make their knowledge and experience in “The Shaman Therapy” accessible, primarily through excitingly narrated cases from the daily practice of their trend-setting collaboration. They show new ways of healing for both physical and mental illnesses. They back it up scientifically, but write close to the audience at every point, who are looking for inspiration for their own (future) handling of diseases and always want to know how the cases described turned outin the end. There is also a chapter that has not yet been used for the German original edition, in which Andrea Kalff tells about her initiation as a shaman in Korea.


Iris Zachenhofer

Dr. Iris Zachenhofer was a neurosurgeon at the Vienna AKH and at the Neurosurgery in Feldkirch (Vorarlberg). She switched to psychiatry and now also works at the Baumgartner Höhe Social Medicine Center in Vienna.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger