The Secrets of Water


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Bernd Kröplin

Regine C. Henschel

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136 pages
250 colour photos

Latest Astonishing Results From Water Research

• Thel latest findings in water research
• Profound insights into the nature of water
• Fascinating water drop images under the microscope

Water reacts to outside influences in a sensitive way and it stores information in nature as well as in us. Water communicates over long distances. Evidence stems from fascinating water drop images which capture these memory phenomena. It goes to show that water is much more significant than anyone assumed so far. For the first time ever researchers from Stuttgart have managed to systematically unveil this secret. Easily reproduced experiments with fascinating images offer deep insights on the effects of e.g. mobile radio, ultrasound, music, vibration therapy, and thought power. The results are the outcome of 15 years of research on the basis of which the authors completely reassess the role of water in nature as well as in the human body. It marks the beginning of a new understanding of the world and of ourselves.

Bernd Kröplin

Bernd Kröplin Professor and graduate engineer, until 2010 professor and director of the Institute for Statics and Dynamics of Aeronautics Constructions at the University of Stuttgart. 2001 he founded the TAO Group, a research company for forward-thinking technologies. Recipient of renowned science awards. Lectures, exhibition »The World in a Water Drop«.

Regine C. Henschel

Regine C. Henschel Studies in philosophy and literature. TV editor among others for Arte, ZDF, and 3Sat. Since 2001 joint projects with Bernd Kröplin. Lectures and seminars.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger