The secret melody of the botanic kingdom



Renaud Ruhlmann

Guy Trédaniel

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288 pages
150 x 220 mm


The therapeutic virtues of the music of plants

The melody of plants opens up a new dimension of music by sharing the secret songs of nature. This book provides a better understanding of plant consciousness and the enormous benefits nature has to offer. This book is the practical implementation and development of the process inspired by Cleve Backster’s studies since 1966 and his work at the CIA on the polygraph (see his book The Emotional Intelligence of Plants).

Process : To hear the secret melody of a plant, we use a device developed from polygraph (lie detector) technology to measure and capture the surface electricity of a plant. We use a copper plug that we stick into the ground to capture the “root” part and then a clamp connected to a leaf or a flower to make an electrical differential that the machine will then be able to transcode into sound signals. We can also use electrodes depending on the type of plant (more for trees or succulents).

The plant, in its intelligence, will choose to send such or such electrical signal.

These signals are part of the plant’s communication and the plant will send us “melodies” which correspond to energetic and nutritional information which will stimulate or inhibit the living organism which will receive this data.

These melodies have many therapeutic virtues (music, health, natural therapies, culture and cooking).

A new and concrete approach to a new therapeutic method in full expansion.

Key selling points:

– An unpublished subject

– Preface by Professor Marc Henry from the University of Strasbourg where he teaches chemistry, the science of materials and quantum physics. He has been interested in water throughout his career, particularly in the work of Masaru Emoto.

– Many practical applications.

– 18 QR code links to sound essential oils (rose, aloe vera, thymus, etc.).

Each QR code gives access to a web page linked to the naturasounds bandcamp account containing the melody of each plant as well as its description including information on its origins, its chemical composition but also on its therapeutic values or flavour combinations to benefit from its virtues in cooking.

Renaud Ruhlmann

A trilingual, multidisciplinary self-taught artist who has been involved in the world of music for nearly 25 years, Renaud Ruhlmann has been working on the revaluation of the fundamental function of sound: therapeutic. Thanks to his applied research in phytoneurology and botanical music therapy, he can combine his practical knowledge and his ecological convictions with this enlarged vision of life through awareness of plant consciousness. . His passion fo sharing the results of his research on life and vibration naturally led him to develop the first sound herbalist's shop and to open up new sound and musical applications and musical applications thanks to the plant music revolution. (sound herbalism).
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger