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Luc Bodin

Guy Trédaniel

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15 x 22
288 pages


Heal the soul to heal the body

Given the large number of chronic diseases that medicine treats without being able to cure, it is time to ask whether the physical cause is really the primary cause of the disease… if it’s not just a link in the chain— if behind it all, there isn’t hidden a deeper origin beyond even the symbolic meaning of diseases. This is the path that Dr Bodin has followed and that he shares with you in this book. For if we take the human being in its totality, physical, psychological, emotional, energetic and spiritual (and not only its material aspect), we begin to discern a more fundamental origin that would come from the suffering of our being, not to say our soul. It could all stem from the fact that we are not on our true path… that our actions do not meet our deepest aspirations… that we are not happy! Illness would thus be a reminder (not a punishment) of our being to show us the way to take in our existence. Healing would be through this understanding and the changes it imposes on our way of life, our operations, our thoughts and our decisions… who would make us (re)take our true path of life which is none other than the way to our happiness.

Luc Bodin

LUC BODIN is a medical doctor, a graduate in clinical cancer and a specialist in natural medicine. He is also a lecturer, scien�fic advisor and author of many successful books, including “Healing with Energy” (15,000 copies), “New Ho'oponopono”, “The AORA method” (11,000 copies). He also organises internships.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger