The oracle of the botanical people


Tarots & Oracles

Arnaud Riou

Guy Trédaniel

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12 x 17
Set of 52 card
128 pages book

The Botanical People is a moving, complex, omnipresent world. It supports us in our walks in the forest. walking on carpets of golden leaves in mid-autumn, hugging an old oak tree or doing a nap at the foot of a willow tree. He offers us his poetry through the bouquets of Rose, the whiteness of Camellias or the elegance of Orchids. He takes care of our health by introducing us to medicinal plants. Finally, the fruit trees, mushrooms, cereals feed us on the 5 continents. It is time to consider the Botanical Community as a People apart, sensitive, complex with whom we can learn to live with a beautiful intelligence and in respect.

After making the “Oracle of the Animal People”, Arnaud Riou offers us the “Oracle of the Botanical People”. A boxed set composed of 52 cards and a complete book to understand the message of the plants and receive their energy. Trees masters, nourishing plants, teachers, healers, artists, the plants are found in 8 families to deliver us their essence.

Meet the spirit of the plants and receive their message that will inspire your choices, your words and your actions.

Arnaud Riou

ARNAUD RIOU is a spiritual teacher. He runs groups for 25 years. He is recognized as a shaman in Mongolia and establishes the links between the visible and invisible worlds. Author of 12 books including the bestseller "Awaken the shaman within you", he now transmits the wisdom of the first peoples to our world, in search of meaning.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger