Men under the grip



XavieR Cornette De Saint-Cyr

Guy Trédaniel

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15 x 22
250 pages
Black and white

The women manipulators in the couple

Many men have once met a manipulative woman who seduced them, made them dream of a wonderful future and then, slowly, insidiously and tenaciously, swept them away, stripped of everything, humiliated, deprived of their children, of their loved ones. There is little or no talk about these tragedies. And yet, they exist, these men mocked by the violence of a woman, violence that no one suspects to be true. This common, yet ignored phenomenon: what men endure as victims of narcissistic perverts, that is to say, manipulators. This book describes for the first time the mechanisms of the trap of manipulative women. It offers above all a range of practical solutions to put in place, through numerous testimonies and lived examples.

XavieR Cornette De Saint-Cyr

XAVIER CORNETTE DE SAINT-CYR is a professional coach, relational intelligence trainer, psychologist and writer trained in coaching and various approaches in psychotherapy, philosophy and personal development.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger