The emotional child within



Marie-Lise Labonté

Guy Trédaniel

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‘The emotional child’ is the unconscious part of our being that keeps us in childhood, even though we seem to function as adults in the world. It is often the expression of an infant love that we express to others and to ourselves. Sometimes it leads us to react defensively, protectively, or be emotionally overwhelming, in the form of “childhood regression”, as if suddenly the 35-year-old, 40-year-old or 60- year-old that we are, expresses himself like a 6-year-old.

This emotional child is in us. He calls us, cries out to us and expresses itself through physical symptoms, emotional instability, and childhood behaviours that are ruining our lives. So we look outside for the solution when they simply lie within us which the emotional child, our inner child, carries it. The injured inner child is waiting for us to be recognised, heard and helped in healing his life and emotional wounds. Liberating the la�er, giving him his momentum, helping him to heal is the important key to a return to oneself, for a mastery of our emotional and affectionate life.

Marie-Lise Labonté

Psychotherapist in Europe and the United States, author and trainer, MARIE LISE LABONTÉ has developed a method that she has practised for thirty years, Method for releasing body tension (“Méthodedelibéra�ondescuirasses”,MLC).This method is based on her experience of self-healing and several years of research into body tensions and the intimate relationship between body and mind. For 30 years, she has been providing spiritual teachings. In 1995, she created the Anschma© School, an international school of energy. She shares her vision of the spiritual development through books, seminars, trainings and thematic trips.
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