The Power of Elements


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Sina Lucia Kottmann


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208 pages
207 coloured photographs
21 coloured illustrations
23 x 24 cm

> Practical guide for healing and strengthening rituals accompanied by beautiful photographs

In this book, experienced ritual woman Sina Lucia Kottmann uses the power of the elements to open up a deep connection with nature. 80 reputable and proven practices for rituals and meditations allow readers to get to know the qualities of air, water, fire, earth and ether and use them for self-healing. In addition to the exercises, the author delivers comprehensive backg- round knowledge on the topic’s scientific and spiritual aspects.

As a cultural anthropologist, Sina Lucia Kottmann travels the world, preferably the Hawaiian Islands where the primal force of the elements can be experienced with particular intensity. She conveys her wide-ranging experience and knowledge both as a nature and wilderness educator in seminars and as a yoga teacher, among other things.

Sina Lucia Kottmann

Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger