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The key to the plant kingdom

The various medicinal plants have been assigned to one of the four elements since time immemorial. Traditional European medicine has always looked for similarities between medicinal herbs and a disease or a particular human being. And so there are herbs that nourish our air properties and let our ideas fly. There are plants that support our earth-boundness and bring us back to the bottom of reality. There are green, watery friends with whom our feelings blossom, and a series of plants that kindle a warming fire in us. From these points of view, approximately 100 medicinal plants are closely examined and their properties are explained according to the 4-element theory

Ingrid Kleindienst-John

Ingrid Kleindienst-John has been involved with nature since her teenage years. She has been teaching aromatherapy for almost 20 years and trains interested people in her own institute "Aroma Experts". She lives and works mainly in the south of Lower Austria, in a landscape that has grown particularly close to her heart. Together with her husband she organises herbal walks and workshops for herbal medicine.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger