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Esther Gonstalla


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128 pages
Two-colour print throughout

Accidents on oil platforms, swirls of plastic waste, overfishing … The oceans are no longer just places of longing and holiday destinations. In the last decades, pollution and exploitation put great pressure on them. How is the world’s largest ecosystem really doing today? Although we have always lived from and with the sea, it remains one of the last unknown territories on earth even the moon is better explored than the gigantic masses of water that are so important to our planet. This ignorance could cause the destruction of the oceans (and us!). In order to protect this sensitive ecosystem, we need to understand the connections between the actions of humans and the changes in marine life.
»The Ocean Book« draws a comprehensive picture of risks and opportunities and clarifies relationships in more than 45 easy-to-under- stand and attractive infographics.

Esther Gonstalla

ESTHER GONSTALLA is an infografics designer. For her books, she works with renowned scientists to visualize complex topics so that they become universally comprehensible. Her Ocean Book was published in 2017, a book about forests will be next in the series.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger