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Franz Grieser



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224 pages
Four-colour print throughout

Saying ›no‹ to plastic bags, eating seasonal vegetables, taking a backpacking holiday in the mountains instead of a flight to Bali … there are many tips for living a sustainable life. But where do we begin? How do we incorporate all of these pieces of advice into our own lives? This journal invites the reader to embark on

a step-by-step journey to a greener, more conscious life. Structured into weeks, the book is an ideal companion to take you through the entire year. Topic pages briefly summarise and present interesting facts about sustainability, while pages dedicated to mindfulness help
the reader to overcome concerns and gather the strength to make changes. In addition, the journal pages offer lots of space for personal thoughts and ideas. A guidebook and companion that takes you by the hand, inspires and encourages.

Franz Grieser

FRANZ GRIESER is a seminar leader in Munich and online. He also works as an author and journalist in the subject areas of technology, new media and sustainability.


UTOPIA is the biggest German online platform on the topic of sustainability, counting over five million visits per year. won the lead award as web community of the year in 2008.
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