The Messages of the Eyes



Caroline Ebert


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144 x 205 mm
152 pages
Colour illustrations throughout

A new view on myopia, longsightedness, astigmatism or squinting

It is this connection between our most important sense and our innermost being the well-known eye trainer and master optician Caroline Ebert has been exploring in a holistic way. Be it long- and shortsightedness, astigmatism or squinting, we can learn a lot about ourselves and our soul’s path by paying attention to our eye-sight and its disorders – in which iris analysis can be of valuable help. Likewise, we can overcome vision defects by dealing with the underlying emotional strains. Exercises as based on the vision training according to Bates, which are tailored exactly to our individual needs, lay the responsibility for our eyes back into our own hands. In this way, we regenerate and maintain our vision und take big steps on the path of our personal development as well.

› extended new edition of the popular title – including a new chapter on iris analysis
› the author is a master optician as well as an eye trainer according to Bates
› Caroline Ebert also holds eye training seminars in many organizations
› already more than 33,000 sold copies of the author’s books on the  eld of eye health

Caroline Ebert

Caroline Ebert is a master optician, holistic eye trainer and eye kinesiologist. The techniques she teaches allowed her to successfully treat her own short- sightedness. She runs the eye school “Eyeland” where she already could help many patients and regularly holds eye training courses in companies.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger