The magical benefits of trees


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13 X 22cm
224 pages
B/W with colour insert(s)
Soft cover

Did you know that the shade of the lime tree is beneficial to people with epilepsy?

That some plants start dancing when they are made to listen to music? Or that the acacia tree can modify its physical characteristics to protect itself from dangers?
This book answers all the questions you might have about trees. We discover their history, emotions, motivations and strategies to counter certain predatory animals.
Reading this short illustrated guide convinces us of the importance of protecting and preserving them in order to continue to enjoy the benefits they offer us. In order to do so with respect for each other, the author gives us some ideas to relearn how to communicate and live in harmony with the trees around us.
To bring nature into our home, Stéphane Krebs also offers advice and recommendations that will allow us to clean up our interiors with certain plants, as well as a selection of the best trees to plant on terraces, attics and city gardens.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger