The little box to boost my immunity and my natural defences



Tarots & Oracles

Yann Rougier

Guy Trédaniel

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115 x 92 mm

Breathing exercises, ginseng, vitamin D… Throughout the year, to protect ourselves from viruses and other infections, the first barrier is our immunity. To boost our immune system, a healthy lifestyle and a few well-chosen natural resources can make a real difference.

Thanks to the 69 cards in this little box, discover each morning a tip for taking care of your body and mind, day after day.

Key selling points:

– The “Petites Boîtes” collection is very successful, with some titles selling up to 28,000 copies.

– Breathing exercises, cardiac coherence, vitamin D, zinc, airing the rooms… Each day, the reader discovers a good habit to integrate into his daily life to boost his natural defences.

– Co-authored by Dr. Yann Rougier, the author of numerous best-selling guides.

Yann Rougier

Yann Rougier is a medical specialist with a passion for neuroscience, psycho-neuro-immunology and, above all, field medicine. He is an international consultant in several multidisciplinary scientific groups. He participated in the creation of the website, which offers information for the general public on the many ways to improve one's health on a daily basis, thanks to practical trainings. He is a speaker and organizes seminars on the theme of neuro-emotional support for chronic degenerative diseases.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger