The Heart of Who We Are




Caverly Morgan

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264 pages
6 x 9 inches

Realizing Freedom Together

Discover powerful awareness practices that transform our understanding of ourselves and how we participate in the world. When Caverly Morgan reentered the world after a period of eight solitary years as a practicing Zen monk, she was confronted with a question so many of us find ourselves asking these days: When faced with the enormity of the collective problems before us, how can an individual mindfulness and meditation practice actually make a difference in our world? In The Heart of Who We Are, Morgan explores how contemplative technologies designed for the pursuit of personal freedom can be—and must be—applied collectively. Filled with wisdom rooted in presence and the truth of our oneness, this timely guide invites us to connect with the core of who we are and then use that understanding to transform our own lives and the world around us. Blending Zen practice, Western psychology, and a focus on direct experience, Morgan presents a nondual approach and systemic view of the global challenges before us, offering a wealth of teachings, tools, personal stories, and reflection questions that inspire us to put our deeply held values into action. At the heart of this book is the call to liberation, to find freedom that is within and without, both personally and collectively.

Caverly Morgan

Caverly Morgan is a meditation teacher, nonprofit leader, and visionary. She is the founder of Presence Collective, dedicated to igniting personal transformation and collective awakening, as well as the founder of Peace in Schools, a nonprofit that created the nation’s first for-credit mindfulness class in public high schools. She is the author of A Kids Book About Mindfulness. For more, visit
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