The Fantastic Beings Oracle


Tarots & Oracles


Guy Trédaniel

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152 pages
100 x 137 mm

Fantastic beings – centaurs, dryads, elves, fireflies, undines … – are legendary creatures whose existence has been mentioned and believed in all eras and in all parts of the world. In this box set, you will discover 44 cards, each superbly illustrated with a photomontage representing a fantastic being. They will help you answer your current questions and see the positive in you and all around you. In the booklet, you will find different reading techniques and discover the meaning of each card to guide you through what you feel and light up every step on your life path.

  • Photographer and Fantasy art digital artist Gumiho created and illustrated The Fantastic Beings Oracle, with 44 cards enhanced with beautiful, enchanting photomontage.
  • Gumiho boasts a large social media community (28,7K followers), who have been supporting and acclaiming her creations for 15 years.
  • As a reference, L’Oracle des Métamorphes (The Oracle of Metamorphoses; published by Exergue), by Lucy Cavendish sold 8,050 copies.


Stéphanie Paquot – aka Gumiho –, is a digital artist, photographer, illustrator and writer. For years, she has been fascinated with self-improvement and spirituality, passionate about art and esotericism, captivated by tales and legends – and she has united it all in her Fantastic Beings Oracle. Instagram: @sphantasy_art
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger