Chinese psycho-energetic practical handbook




Lou Yan

Guy Trédaniel

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200 pages
18 x 23 mm

Exploring your temperament through body language and pathology

Becoming one’s own therapist by studying one’s typo morphology and behaviours: here is what the author offers based on his knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and energy therapy. This book introduces the method that he developed and which involves a journey of observations and practices, energetic and meditative. The study of typo morphology, of the systemia of the five elements, of the generation of the «marvellous vessels» (8 in all, they control the activity of the main meridians), allows us to discover how our own psycho energetic automaton works and its limitations.

Lou Yan

LOU YAN has been a therapist for forty years, with a degree in physiotherapy and acupuncture. He has trained throughout his career in osteopathy, homeopathy and Chinese psycho-energy. He is also a trainer in taiji quan, qi gong and meditation and a disciple of the Chinese master Chu King Hung. The Lou Yan school (F LOUTREL) has nearly 1,500 regular year-round pupils in France (and a total community of 3,000 trainees). They are spread over a dozen schools in France, mainly in the South: Zone n°1: Nimes Montpellier Avignon (500 students of the school Dof Master Lou Yan): Puy-en-Velay, Valence, Montelimar, Perpignan, Avignon.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger