The different faces of passive aggressive persons




Isabelle Levert

Guy Trédaniel

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206 pages
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The new psych phenomenon!

In their various faces, passive-aggressive people are difficult to pin down. This book gives the keys to identifying them, deciphering their behaviour and exploring ways out of unsatisfying relationships.

All of us, at one time or another, have adopted behaviour that can be described as “passive-aggressive”: by our silence, our indifference, our distance, we have ignored the other person’s need to be in a relationship. But all too often, the term passive-aggressive is used as a diagnosis or a catch-all label, thinking it holds the explanation for the relationship difficulties encountered. This is wrong.

Because behind passive-aggressive behaviour, there are often more complex issues. Is it a fear of conflict, a symptom of depression, a frantic need not to displease at the risk of being erased, or is it a schizoid condition? Whatever the case, the impression of detachment, or even indifference, or even silent resistance, which emanates from the person described as passive-aggressive can be intolerable for those close to him.

Throughout the chapters, the text takes shape through different problem situations in which the notion of passive-aggressive is often invoked. Thanks to these examples and testimonies, the reader realises that these behaviours reflect very different dysfunctions, ranging from simple defensive withdrawals, which are fairly minor, to real perverse acts.

The book concludes with an overview of the factors that lead to a stalemate in an unsatisfying relationship. This new understanding helps to restore the responsibility of each of the partners in a relationship and to find a way out.

Isabelle Levert

Isabelle Levert est psychologue clinicienne et psychothérapeute, depuis une quinzaine d'années. Elle exerce en cabinet, et anime des séminaires et des formations en entreprises et au sein d'associations.
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Agence Schweiger