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128 pages
Two-colour print throughout

Increasing drought and heat in some places and more and more frequent monsoons in others: climate change is a highly complex phenomenon and understanding it doesn’t get easier if people ignore facts and spread a feeling of insecurity. Education and elucidation are vital at this point, and the Climate Book, with its 50 descriptive graphics, does exactly that.
With the support of numerous scientists, Esther Gonstalla has transformed complex relationships and scientific data into easy-to-understand information in the form of different graphics. The book deals with fundamental questions concerning climatic processes, reflects on the ecological impact of humans through coal-fired power plants, deforestation as well as conventional agriculture, and sets out the current and future consequences of global warming. However, the Climate Book does not stop at illustrating of the climate crisis and its repercussions; it also proposes various solutions, from political to every day actions.

Esther Gonstalla

ESTHER GONSTALLA is an infografics designer. For her books, she works with renowned scientists to visualize complex topics so that they become universally comprehensible. Her Ocean Book was published in 2017, a book about forests will be next in the series.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger