The Book of Good Spirits




Christoph Mayr


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Pages: 176
Book flexible binding
Format: 153 x 185 mm


Herbal spirits and fine brandies

Opinions may be divided about the usefulness of alcohol, but there will probably be a schnapps in every family – as an iron reserve, so to speak, for all eventualities. In many cases, the house schnapps is prepared according to an old tradition, and the recipe is not readily revealed. They want to claim credit for the special goodness of this medicine. Yet it is so simple, for nature’s garden offers many things that make the common schnapps tastier and healthier. Around one hundred recipes for making schnapps are listed in this book, which the interested reader can follow and add to and modify according to his or her own taste. Practical instructions make the work easier. Those who want to get an idea of the colourful realm of international spirits will find a detailed encyclopaedia in the appendix; those who are interested in the cultural history of alcohol will find everything worth knowing in the preface – from the primitive distilling art of the Orientals to the peasant liquor smuggling of days gone by.


Christoph Mayr

Born in Bolzano in 1934, he comes from an old family of winegrowers. After working for many years as the commercial manager of the Athesia graphics company, he held the position of publishing manager in the same company in the last years of his professional career. As a sideline, Christoph Mayr has appeared as a versatile book author. His works published by Athesia Verlag have reached a total circulation of over one million copies.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger