The ancyclopaedia on animal tracking



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Joscha Grolms


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816 pages
1122 colour photographs
502 illustrations

  • A unique new standard reference work for inter-preting animal signs and traces
  • An encyclopaedia produced to the highest visual and didactic standards
  • The author is an expert who is renowned worldwide and holds certified courses designed according to international standards

    • A detailed reference work without precedent – for beginners and experts in animal tracking alike, with 1,100 colour photographs and 500 drawings with detailed descriptions and the dimensions of animal footprints and tracks, together with clearly outlined comparisons of species that are frequently confused with one another

    • Animal tracks and traces of eating, nests, constructions and other signs and traces of mammals in Europe, as well as the most important birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects

    • Outstanding identification aids: comparison tables of the tracks of mammals and birds, with life-size drawings

Joscha Grolms

Joscha Grolms is an internationally recognised tracker and one of the few specialists in the tracks and signs of Europe's animals. Together with other experts, he is working to establish a worldwide standard for tracking. As a lecturer and co-director of the wilderness school Wildniswissen, he offers seminars, excursions and a one-year course in tracking.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger