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Leila Christiane Jäger


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Learn how the baby is doing and what he wants with meditation techniques


The time between conception and birth offers a unique opportunity – never again in life are two souls so close as in the time of pregnancy. Such ideal framework conditions are wonderfully suited to come into direct contact with unborn life.

In addition, the authors offer numerous meditation techniques and many years of experience. This is how you can learn to communicate with your baby intuitively. You will develop a deep trust in your inner voice and get a direct line to the unborn child.

You will find out how your baby is doing and what he would like from you. You will also receive many other tips and suggestions so that you can harmoniously combine your wishes with those of your unborn child right from the start. Take advantage of this irretrievable special time of your pregnancy. You will develop an even closer emotional bond with your beloved baby that will continue to exist after the birth. This book with its many mental exercises and case studies will be of great help to you.

Leila Christiane Jäger

Leila Christiane Jäger is a curative teacher, meditation and QiGong teacher. She has been giving advice and training for more than 30 years, and through her multi-faceted work in the healthcare sector, she has a lot of experience and knowledge. In her seminars and individual work, she was able to show thousands of interested people how to access self-realization. She is considered an expert in prenatal awareness work. Sensitive and humorous, she creates access to these multidimensional spaces.
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Agence Schweiger