Marie-Pierre Dillenseger

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“To live is to gradually smooth out the edges between the soul and the body.” MPD delivers original and powerful tools to meet this challenge.

In one’s life path, birth is merely a step, yet a powerful one that catapults us into an incredible journey without any user manual nor road map. This book is a practical toolbox and lifelong guide to maneuver through hardships, providing uplifting technics for self-defense and self-preservation as well as pathways to discovery and acceptance of who we really are.

You will find 25 exercises to act toward change in concrete and pragmatic ways, key advices, real life examples, playful film and tale references, always in the light of Chinese ancestral wisdom, effectively shared by the author along the pages. Reading the book has an immediate and long lasting calming effect, boosting self-confidence and enough courage to stand up where we might otherwise chose to give up and look down.

A book that brings what is essential in life to the forefront, in the footstep of MPD’s previous book: Dare: 12 keys to be you.

Marie-Pierre Dillenseger

A writer and lecturer, Marie-Pierre Dillenseger is a practitioner of the Chinese arts dedicated to forces of Time and Space. She has developed an approach based on the economy of individual energies and the reinforcement of the vitality of the people, projects, and businesses she works alongside. These tools work wonders in situations related to daily life, as well as helping with procreation or clarifying karmic and ancestral ties.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger