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Ruth von Braunschweig


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480 pages

The great book about natural care for body and soul with plant oils

In this book, the latest findings from research, but also practical experiences from care are compiled and explained in an understandable way. Numerous recipes and applications show the simple but effective means we can use to care for our skin and keep it healthy, strengthen our immune system, mitigate negative environmental influences and the effects of stress, and ensure our well- being.

The book is a basic work in which
1. the network “skin, immune system and psyche” is described;
2. the positive effects of plant oils/fats and essential oils in this network are explained in detail;
3. rounded off with recipes and practical applications.

Ruth von Braunschweig

In the course of aromatherapy, her attention is also focused on plant oils as base oils for aromatherapy. In many years of work as a lecturer at a cosmetic and alternative practitioner school with a focus on dermatology, product knowledge, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, iris diagnosis, she was head of the department "Holistic Skin Care" there. Today she conducts seminars on aromatherapy and plant oils. She has already published several books on these topics.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger