Rescuing the Light



Martín Prechtel

North Atlantic

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Page Count: 248
Trim Size: 5-1/2 x 8-1/2
Carton Count: 24
Illustrations: 120 B&W ILLOS

Oral Teachings of Mayan Spirituality

A collection of quotes and sayings from the oral teachings of a leading thinker, writer and teacher of indigenous spirituality.

Martin Prechtel is widely recognized as a profound and beloved teacher for our times. Raised in the Tzutujil Maya shamanic tradition, he has dedicated his life to the preservation and promulgation of indigenous spirituality. Rescuing the Light is a collection of Prechtel’s quotes and sayings spanning the course of fifteen years, and recorded at Bolad’s Kitchen, a four-year course in New Mexico where students from all walks of life gather to receive hands-on training in language, history, cooking, farming, and crafts. Artist, musician, and storyteller, Prechtel teaches and initiates with passion and eloquence, awakening his students to the sacred realities present everywhere and at all times. The quotes of wisdom and inspiration collected in these pages are earth-centric and animist. Divided into thematic sections, they range from the poetic and witty to the serious and direct. Sharing his deep shamanic wisdom within a grand overview of human history, Prechtel shows us how we can reconnect with the unique and unsuspected manifestations of our own sacred selves.

A longtime North Atlantic Books author, Prechtel’s previous publications have sold exceedingly well. These include Smell of Rain on Dust (20k), and the novels Disobedience (9.5k), and Long Life (8k).

Prechtel has a very large number of followers around the world, and is well known and connected within the spirituality and poetry communities. His last book included blurbs from Coleman Barks, Robert Blye, and Mary Oliver. We expect similar high profile blurbers for Rescuing the Light.

This book will be of great appeal to those interested in indigenous spirituality and indigenous culture, such as readers of Carlos Castaneda / Teachings of Don Juan.

Martín Prechtel

A leading thinker, writer and teacher in the search for the indigenous soul in all people, Martín Prechtel is a dedicated student of eloquence, history, language and an ongoing fresh approach. In his native New Mexico Martín teaches at his international school Bolad’s Kitchen: a hands-on historical and spiritual immersion into language, music, ritual, farming, cooking, smithing, natural colors, architecture, animal raising, clothing, tools, story, grief, and humor to help people from many lands, cultures, and backgrounds to remember and retain the majesty of their diverse origins while cultivating the flowering of integral culture in the present to grow a time of hope beyond our own.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger