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Valerie Jarolim


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224 pages

How Plants Can Ensure Our Survival

Let’s seize plants by the stem – for a sustainable future

Have you ever considered what an enormous role plants play in our lives? Just think about it: every morning you spoon oat muesli into your mouth, pull a cotton jumper over your head, rub calendula moisturizer into your hands … The fact is, plants are everywhere, all the time. And it’s time we started paying them a lot more attention. Why? Because plants are the foundation of life on this planet. We just don’t really notice them any more. Tend to take them for granted. And that’s something that needs to change. In this book, Valerie Jarolim illustrates the big picture: how do trees, forests and plants influence human life on earth? What do plants have to do with food sovereignty? Or with our clothes? How many CO2 emissions are caused by our work and internet usage alone?

Things continue with the most important question of all: how can plants influence our future? It’s been said far too often: the world needs to change. We need to stop the climate crisis. Of course it’s nice if we’re able to grow our own vegetables, bite into home-made bread and buy things second-hand. Yet the people who can really do something about climate change are the big players, politicians, large industrial companies. We need to stop laying all the responsibility at the feet of the individual. But still, one thing’s for sure: it’s better to take small steps than no steps at all. And the larger aim needs to be to plan ourselves a plant-based future.

Because: plants can steer our future. Vegan food, sustainable clothing, chemical-free natural cosmetics and green electricity are just a few examples. Plants are part of our everyday lives, and if we start consciously paying attention to them, we’ll be able to see what they can really do – and where they can make a change. It’s a change we’re urgently in need of: the only way we can save our planet and secure our future. Plants for president!

Valerie Jarolim

Ever since she was a little girl, she’s loved spending time with plants: Valerie Jarolim’s favourite pastime used to be tracking down magical, fragrant specimens in forests and meadows with her grandparents. It didn’t take long for her to have learned the names of every wild flower and herb. Later, when she went on to study agricultural science, her green superheroes became scientific subjects with precisely defined characteristics. And now? She surrounds herself with as many plant treasures as possible and uses so-called weeds to conjure up all manner of creams, deodorants and tasty smoothies.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger