Oils and Ointments from Medicinal Plants


Garden & Nature

Rudi Beiser


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160 pages
80 colour photographs,
Paperback with flaps

Effective formulations for making yourself

Following the book “Medicinal Plant Tinctures”, here is a similarly well-researched book from Rudi Beiser all about oils, ointments and cremes. An expert on medicinal plants, he explains how oil extracts are produced, and which ones are best suited to the application at hand. The book contains comprehensive information on the oils used, as well as on the healing properties of the plants. It contains 76 formulations for holistic health from medicinal plants – help at hand for colds and ‘flus, or urinary tract problems, relief for sore muscles and joints, healing and soo-thing formulations for the skin and wounds, health for the cardiovascular system, balsam for the soul and nerves, and special remedies for children.

Rudi Beiser

Rudi Beiser has been growing herbal teas on his organic farm for 20 years. He has been involved in herbal medicine for more than 30 years and organises visits, seminars and lectures on this subject. His aim is to produce herbal tea plants of impeccable taste and maximum therapeutic effectiveness.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger