Natural stable pharmacy



Christine Erkens


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17 x 24 cm
Pages 256

For all pets and livestock

Natural remedies for large and small animals A naturopathic stable pharmacy should not be missing in any household with animals, regardless of whether they are pets or livestock or large or small animals. The variety of natural healing methods is large and offers numerous possibilities to help our animals in case of illness or to keep them healthy. Whether we have cattle, sheep or goats, horses, ponies or donkeys, pigs, dogs or cats, rabbits or guinea pigs, poultry of any kind, all of them can benefit from these natural pharmacy treasures. We know many household remedies from their application for humans, but they can also be used for animals and are helpful in everyday life. The natural healing methods are listed alphabetically and explained practically in the first part of the book. An overview of the frequently occurring diseases and health problems in the various animal species and the possibilities suitable for treatment follows in the second part.

Christine Erkens

Christine Erkens is an agricultural scientist and animal healer. She lives in the Eifel near Aachen and loves working in the garden and with animals. She writes books on the subject of natural healing and homeopathy for animals and publishes the magazine "Between Earth and Sky". The holistic approach and cooperation with animal owners in the treatment of animals is particularly close to her heart.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger