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Time-saving tips to calm the chaos of family life

Family life is pretty chaotic at the best of times and as any busy mum knows it can be an uphill battle to get out of the house in the morning let alone meet the demands of work deadlines. In her witty easy to read style, Tanith Carey encourages mums to banish the dream of becoming the ultimate supermum and brings them innovative, new ways to make life at home less chaotic and avoid meltdowns.

With tried-and-tested advice for fellow working mums who feel like they are on the stopwatch from the moment they wake up, Mum Hacks is a hands-on guide to fitting it all in, finding a routine and stressing less about the small stuff.

Find out how to:

• Head off mess before it happens and choose toys which won’t leave your home looking like a bomb-site
• Throw together a nutritious school lunchbox in just ONE minute
• Get your children to do what you ask the FIRST time, not the twentieth
• Dress your kids in less time and get out of the house quicker
• Get your life back and yes, spend time with your partner

Tanith Carey

Tanith Carey is an award-winning journalist with two daughters. She writes books which aim to lucidly set out the most pressing challenges for today’s modern parent and set out achievable strategies for how to tackle them. Tanith’s previous books include Taming the Tiger Parent- How to Put your Child’s Well-being First in a Competitive World, which was called called ‘a critique to re-orientate parenting’ by Steve Biddulph and ‘insightful and shrewd’ by Dr Anthony Seldon. Her most recent book Girls, Uninterrupted: Steps for Building Stronger Girls in a Challenging World was described as ‘brilliant’ by the Huffington Post and ‘excellent’ by parenting guru Noel Janis-Norton. Carey writes opinion pieces and features for a range of publications all over the world including The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Grazia, and The New Statesman.
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