Mothers of the new age


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Sabine Mänken

Neue Erde

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Paperback with flaps
272 pages
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A plea for child-oriented development

➤ For all mothers who are faced with the question of turning to childcare provided by others or self-childcaring
➤ Various reports of experiences make the subject understandable and comprehensible in a lively manner
➤ Supported by expert reports of case studies
➤ The author has been involved with the subject matter for many years and has been active in the public sphere

Childcare supplied by others, even for the very young, appears to be the norm. It has even been advocated as necessary furthering of and improvement for the child. But is it really the ultimate answer? This volume highlights the experiences and observations of young mothers who look after their children by themselves during the early years, and thus enable child-oriented development of the individual. They are following their inner voice, with full awareness of their task and their financial sacrifice. Factual information given between the individual biographical case studies provides additional depth to the complex themes of childminding by the mother. Using 21 biographical reports about the experiences and observations by young mothers who engaged in childcare by themselves, this book would like to encourage young mothers to listen to their own inner voice, if they believe that their child is not yet mature enough for childcare by others. The reports clearly show the individual motives and circumstances, which led to the decision for child-oriented development beyond the cradle and childcare by others. The children mentioned here, who experienced childcare by their mothers, were aged between 1 and 5. The women presenting these cases are all very different, and describe very different self-determined ways which led to their choosing to look after their own children. Some of these women were even childcaring in nurseries, or were themselves employed childminding, so they know both sides of the question. Short reference texts by experts are inserted in between the individual reports of experiences, in order to give a necessary insight into the complex thematic of self-childcaring within the present socio-political context. References to further literature or web-pages are supplied for interested readers to access additional information.

Sabine Mänken

Sabine Mänken, born 1964, is the mother of three children, studied business studies (diploma) and is a certified advisor for biographies. From 2010 onward, she has accompanied people on soul journeys based on biographical rhythms (life phases). For two years she was Vice-Chair of an organisation working with families, is a networker and gives lectures. This book gave her the inspiration for a movement called “Mothers of the New Age”, which is forming via the social networks and their messagers.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger