Mom, Please Calm Down!




Britta Hahn

Junfermann Verlag

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208 pages

How parents can regulate their emotions and have good relationships with their children

Children need parents who can regulate their emotions

Emotional security in the parent-child relationship is a prerequisite for stable mental health in children’s later adulthood. However, parents’ behaviour very often is based on expectations and attitudes that they faced in their own childhood and that were desired in the family of origin. These unconscious patterns often boycott efforts to stay in warm and genuine contact with their children. Without knowing why, a child crying or one “wrong look” can trigger feelings of aggression or sadness in the parents, and quickly the situation escalates.

In this book, Britta Hahn explains the neural and social basis of unfavorable parent-child dynamics and shows ways to stay calm even in difficult phases, instead of reacting irrationally or even violently.

Britta Hahn

Dr. Britta Hahn, herself a mother of four children, is a doctor of general medicine and homeopathy.
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Agence Schweiger