May Your Food Be Your Remedy




Angelika Countess Wolffskeel von Reichenberg

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306 pages

Diet in Biorhythm

• Renowned nutrition expert and alternative practitioner

  • Holistic diet concept

    Already our old physicians in classical antiquity knew the healing power of food and worked primarily with it. The old saying “Your food should be your remedy” is still a therapeutic basis for the preservation and regaining of health.

But for the most part today’s dietetics focus on single components e.g. selected vitamins, mineral salts or metabolic diseases, for example elevated cholesterol.

This book offers a lot more: it communicates a holistic view from procreation to death taking account of season and time of day, disposition and food quality.

The practical guide expresses sound knowledge in an understandable way. With an organ watch, a drastic reducing diet, diet tips, recipes and chapters concerning acid-base-balance, allergies, diabetes and rheumatism.

“Angelika Countess Wolffskeel von Reichenberg takes the name ‘guide’ literally. Whereas other books concentrate on single elements, e.g., vitamins, mineral salts, or metabolic problems, she imparts a holistic view.” Leo Die Rheinpfalz


Angelika Countess Wolffskeel von Reichenberg

She a renowned alternative practitioner and head of a school for alternative practitioners, has dealt with questions of a healthy diet for many years. She works as a lecturer on the topics of alimentary organs and metabolism and gives lectures all over Germany. Her bestseller "The 12 Salts Of Life Biochemistry According To Dr. Schuessler” is one of the most reviewed and most successful guides of cell salts in Germany.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger