Marketing of our emotions



Cédric Teychené

Guy Trédaniel

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14 x 21
180 pages

With the Internet and social networks, our emotions have become a gigantic personal database, available for sometimes misguided exploitation. They invade all spheres of society and escape our control, discouraging detachment and critical thinking. The author offers an analysis rich in examples and references to regain control of what we have most intimately. In order to provide the reader with the tools needed to regain free will, this book is built around three themes:

– The development and science of digital emotional data.
– Changes in the way we consume, inform ourselves and work.
– Ways to control emotions on an individual and collective level.
With nuances, the book encourages an intelligent use of emotions to create support for societal improvement projects, through the example of environmental awareness. Emotions are quantified before being sold and manipulated, it’s up to us to fight for the right cause!

Cédric Teychené

CédricTeychené isagraduateoftheIEPofBordeauxandisaspecialistincontentsstrategy.Hehas been working since 2011 for communication agencies, now at Wellcom, one of the leading communication and public relations consulting agencies. As an expert in editorial strategies for associations, institutions and companies, he has witnessed the increasing use of emotions.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger