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Heinrich Aukenthaler


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For centuries, wolves preoccupied large parts of the population until – from the point of view of the time – they were finally eradicated. Today, after their definitive return, the grey wolves are viewed in a more differentiated way. A good part of the population welcomes the fascinating game species. On the other hand, the rural population and cattle breeders, most of whom are directly affected by the wolf’s presence, are critical of the wolf’s progressive spread in the Alpine arc. Opinions are divided between resolute rejection and celebrated return.

This book aims to provide answers to burning questions about the wolf. The questions are posed by a group of experts, and the affected user groups, e.g. from agriculture, also have their say. The answers are given by selected experts, in a simple and understandable way. The topics range from “Wolves once and now” to “Biology and behaviour” to “Management and law” and “The wolf between fascination and fear”.

This book is suitable both for reference and for thorough reading. The aim is to present different points of view and to increase knowledge about wolves as much as possible without making judgements.

Heinrich Aukenthaler

Heinrich Aukenthaler, born in 1952, studied biology in Florence. He headed the South Tyrolean Hunting Association as Managing Director from 1982 to 2019. Before that, Aukenthaler worked as a natural history teacher for five years. Professionally, he was active in various expert bodies, such as the hunters' and gamekeepers' examination commission, the scientific advisory board of the Folklore Museum, as well as in international hunting organisations.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger