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Gottfried Orth

Junfermann Verlag

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136 pages

An attitude for good relationships in family, school, and workplace
Accepting and expressing appreciation

Appreciation is perhaps the most important resource for good relationships in all personal and social spheres: If people are appreciated, they are perceived and seen as human beings – regardless of what they achieve or not, whether they are healthy or sick, whether they have much or little.

After an introduction to the method of Nonviolent Communication, the author explains in a multifaceted way the concept of “appreciation” as an attitude. It all starts with appreciating myself. If I don’t, I can’t appreciate others. The second part of the book the author describes ways to become active and places of appreciative relationships: family, partnership, school, workplace, and even forms of appreciative organizational development. Numerous exercises help the reader to develop an inner attitude that facilitates appreciation towards oneself and others.

Gottfried Orth

Gottfried Orth is a Professor of Religion at Braunschweig University and a member of the ORCA-Institute of Conflict Management. He also conducts the scientific program Nonviolent Communication in Religion and Schools.
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Agence Schweiger