Liberate yourself from the shackles of the past




Caroline Makovec


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208 Pages
13,5 x 21 x 1.7 cm

9 ways for the faint-hearted to heal old wounds

The shackles of the past symbolize our still unresolved fears, our self-imposed roles, the power of others over us and much more that prevents us from finding ourselves. This book shows you 9 ways in which you can free yourself from these shackles and promote your process of becoming whole.

In addition to deep insights into the life of faint-hearted people with all its challenges, the author also takes into account the teachings of Lao Tzu. Thus, she combines Far Eastern philosophy with scientific psychology in an inspiring way. Many case studies and numerous exercises also offer a high level of practical relevance.

A fascinating substrate of psychological knowledge, philosophical knowledge and valuable recommendations for action emerges.

You will learn how to rediscover your true potential, how to bring out unlived parts of your personality and how to resolve some blockages. The now will appear to you in an entirely new light.

Caroline Makovec

CAROLINE MAKOVEC lives and works in Vienna, Austria. She is one of those sensitive people herself and works as a qualified psychologist with clinical-psychological specialist training in her own practice. Her focus is on the area of high sensitivity. Due to her many years of experience, she has not only theoretical, but also a high level of practical expertise. She has made her heart work to support the faint-hearted to find fulfilment both privately and professionally.
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Agence Schweiger