Letting Go of Nothing



Peter Russell

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Relax Your Mind and Discover the Wonder of Your True Nature

A practical and empowering approach to the age-old quest for letting go of the thoughts and feelings that block happiness, impede change, and hinder self-acceptance

Anyone who has dipped a toe into any of the world’s spiritual traditions knows that letting go and letting be is key. But how? In this fresh, frank, and accessible guide, Peter Russell allows readers to see that the things we get hung up on are generally not concrete, like tangible problems in the present, but are instead thoughts, feelings, interpretations, beliefs, or expectations. These are “no-things”; they exist only in our minds. And we can strip these no-things of their power and let them go by making a simple change — a change of mind. Russell boils this “letting go” down to remarkably easy methods of accepting, acknowledging, recognizing, and even befriending what we tend to run from. This paradoxical practice generates peace of mind, fresh perspectives, and wisdom in action. In turbulent times like ours, this is a true power, one available to us all.

Key Selling Points

Simple-to-understand-and-apply practices for setting oneself free from painful grievances, uncomfortable emotions, and distressing thoughts

Reframes letting go as letting in and letting be, with an emphasis on ease and effortlessness rather than struggle or conflict

Demystifies and makes accessible techniques for quieting the mind, being present in the now, and opening the heart to others and to one’s true self

The revered author of more than ten books has over 40,000 followers on social media and teaches online and at spirituality conferences around the world

Peter Russell

Peter Russell gained an honors degree in physics and experimental psychology at the University of Cambridge, England and a postgraduate degree in computer science. He studied meditation and Eastern philosophy in India, and on his return conducted research into the neurophysiology of meditation at the University of Bristol. Over the past twenty years, he has been a consultant to IBM, Apple, American Express, Barclays Bank, Swedish Telecom, Nike, Shell, BP, and other major corporations. His previous books include The TM Technique, The Brain Book, The Upanishads, The Global Brain Awakens, and Waking Up in Time.
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Agence Schweiger