Juice Fasting. A Pocket Guide



Anita Heßmann-Kosaris

Mankau Verlag

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126 pages
Softcover with gatefolds,
Full-colour print

A two-day detox and cleanse programme

• hot topic “Detox” detoxing and cleansing

• renowned guide-book author

Use fruit, vegetables and herbs for a quick and easy cleanse

This speedy two-day juice fasting programme is a gentle way to jump-start your organism and can be used all year round to re-energize both your body and your mind. Bioactive and vital substances are optimally combined to relieve your hard-working digestive and detoxification organs such as liver, kidneys, intestines and skin, allowing your body to purge itself of excess water and harmful metabolic products. And results can be seen and felt: your tissue becomes firmer, your complexion fresher, your immune system stronger.

Put together your own tailor-made detox and cleanse program- me according to your preferences with fresh juices made from fruit, vegetables and herbs that optimally supply your body with valuable plant substances.

Start your personal feel-good programme:
• 50 variable juice recipes for all seasons
•complementary massages, wellness baths and gymnastics exercises

Anita Heßmann-Kosaris

For many years, Anita Heßmann-Kosaris has been working as a non-medical practitioner, freelance journalist and author. She was deputy editor-in-chief of Ärzte Zeitung (doctors journal), among others, and has already published several successful guides focusing on health, healthy eating and alternative healing methods.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger