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Gentle Healing Powers from Plant Water

The new edition includes videos with additional information that can be accessed with the Freya Books app on the smartphone or tablet. Hydrolates are highly effective plant waters that are created during the steam distillation of flowers, leaves, seeds or roots. They are generally known today as by-products in the production of essential oil and are rarely used. Flower or plant water has been common knowledge since ancient times and its effectiveness has been handed down in medicine. Hydrolates contain the water-soluble substances of a plant and only traces of essential oil, but are much more concentrated than herbal tea, for example. You can read about them in the book and find tips and tricks for copying them in the additional videos.

Ingrid Kleindienst-John

Ingrid Kleindienst-John has been involved with nature since her teenage years. She has been teaching aromatherapy for almost 20 years and trains interested people in her own institute "Aroma Experts". She lives and works mainly in the south of Lower Austria, in a landscape that has grown particularly close to her heart. Together with her husband she organises herbal walks and workshops for herbal medicine.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger