How to Easily Identify Edible Wild Plants



Jürgen Guthmann

Roland Spiegelberger

Steffen Guido Fleischhauer

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Paperback with flaps
256 pages
440 colour photos
60 drawings

The 50 Most Popular Plants on More than 400 Colour Photos Including Recipes and Useful Kitchen Tips

• The 50 most popular plants, including recipes and useful kitchen tips
• For beginners with little plant knowledge
• Culinary highlights from nature’s cuisine

The bestselling »Edible Wild Plants« has familiarized a wide audience with the topic. Yet many people lack the confidence to clearly identify the various plants. This book equips amateurs with a sound understanding of wild plants. The 50 most popular edible wild plants along with their poisonous look-alikes are presented on more than 400 colour photos and detailed plant sketches highlighting all their relevant features. Complemented by indications of ideal collection periods and a nice recipe for each plant, this book is the perfect guide for amateurs with an interest in gastronomy.

Jürgen Guthmann

Jürgen Guthmann Graduate engineer for technical chemistry. Worked for many years in the area of food chemistry, nutrition and health issues. Editor of a guide on vital fungi.

Roland Spiegelberger

Roland Spiegelberger Graduate engineer in landscape architecture and environmental planning, Höxter College. Works freelance in biotope mapping since 2009.

Steffen Guido Fleischhauer

Steffen Guido Fleischhauer graduate engineer for landscape planning and landscape architecture, College of Higher Education Weihenstephan. Concentrated for long years on edible wild plants. Gathered experience all over Central Europe in alimentation with plants from wild nature. Today offers guided walking tours, nature adventure trips, lectures and seminars on the topic of edible wild plants.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger