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Annemarie Schweizer-Arau


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528 pages

Promoting fertility holistically with Chinese medicine

Where Western reproductive medicine reaches its limits because it concentrates on purely physical processes and ignores the mind and soul, Chinese medicine (TCM) can open new doors on the path to a desired child. This is because the millennia-old health teachings look at fertility problems from a completely different, holistic and, for us “Westerners”, often unknown perspective. But the treatment successes speak for themselves.

Annemarie Schweizer-Arau’s answer to the question “Why can’t I get pregnant?”

Schweizer-Arau, MD, shows how integrating both systems of medicine can contribute to significantly higher birth rates, fewer complications in pregnancy, and the well-being of all involved. In addition to an overview of modern fertility medicine and an introduction to Chinese medicine, this guidebook offers an extensive self-help section. Testimonials from affected women and couples provide encouragement and confidence. On the flaps you will find meridian courses and important acupressure points.

“..this book could help you to perceive yourself and your partner again as a whole person and loving couple, and not just as prevented parents who cannot do what everyone else seems to find easy.”

Annemarie Schweizer-Arau

Specialist in psychotherapeutic medicine with her own practice. In the 1990s, in search of a holistic approach to therapy that integrates Western and Eastern medicine, she developed Systemic Autoregulation Therapy (SART®), which combines Chinese medicine and hypnotherapy, as well as taking into account results of modern brain research.In her practice Annemarie Schweizer-Arau specializes in fertility treatments and painmanagement for patients with endometriosis. In addition to her therapeutic work, she also works scientifically on the topics of infertility and endometriosis.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger