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Ingeborg Stadelmann


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262 pages

The compendium for every homeopathic midwife!

Young parents are often grateful when they are made aware of the body’s self-healing powers with a holistic approach and naturopathic support during pregnancy and birth.

This guidebook in a practical “lab coat pocket” format helps midwives to quickly and safely find the appropriate homeopathic remedy in their daily practice.
The focus is on common and proven indications related to obstetrics. The clear arrangement of the chapters, overview tables and a short repertory make the compendium quickly indispensable for every homeopathic midwife.

Reference book for practical use
The chapters in this book are arranged thematically according to how women experience motherhood from pregnancy to the end of breastfeeding. So you can read the book page by page in the coming weeks of pregnancy, use it to prepare for the birth of your baby, and check back week by week during the postpartum period and breastfeeding to see what may come. Separate sections for the expectant father also help him to experience pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period in a conscious and informed way.

Ingeborg Stadelmann

Ingeborg Stadelmann (*1956), Germany's most famous midwife, mother and grandmother, is a pioneer in the field of aromatherapy in obstetrics.Today, the aromatherapist and naturopath is mainly active in further education and training.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger