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How to free yourself of distressing patterns and finally regain your joy in life Success programme for cases of fatigue, depression and life crises

• Recognized success programme for treating burnout and depression

• Easy exercises and applications

Heart Resonance Coaching – the sustainable path to a happier life

The heart is our most important organ and the centre of all our emotions. With every beat, it creates pulses which generate an electromagnetic field around a human being: the heart resonance field, which has been displayed and verified by leading natural scientists.

Our heart resonance field attracts positive as well as negative things and also radiates both. In the positive case where there is an intact essential inner core – this is a wonderful process which reinforces itself. However, if your inner core is distressed by fears, negative feelings, shocking experiences or matters you have yet to come to terms with, the negative things will multiply and result in fatigue, depression and burnout. What is often found here are repetitive patterns that have their origin in earlier generations and were passed on unresolved to various people of subsequent generations. This makes you feel as if trapped in a downward spiral.

In the course of several years, Claus Walter has developed his own highly efficient method for freeing the heart systematically of everything which depresses people and prevents them from leading a happy life: heart resonance coaching.

Through simple exercises, you will learn how to
• finally let go of past and/or distressing things
• recognize and neutralize the causes of blockages
• overcome or effectively prevent states of fatigue
• sustainably boost your vitality and your quality and joy of life

Take this opportunity to become the person you really are and want to be, in all spheres of life!


Claus Walter

He worked as a business economist and innovation expert until 2004. Faced with his own burnout, he developed the innovative method of heart resonance coaching® (HRC), based on the effects of the heart resonance field, the coherence fields and quantum physics. HRC® , with long lasting success for treating both individuals as well as companies, won an innovation award of the Swiss SME association.
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Agence Schweiger