Healthy with Vital Substances



Christine Baumann

AT Verlag

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200 pages
14.8 cm x 21.0 cm
Colour photos, illustrations, ribbon

Natural dietary supplements from the garden and greengrocer’s

• The basics of healthy nutrition
• Natural vitamins, micronutrients, fatty acids
• With recipes, kitchen tips, and cultivation guidelines

There is no need for dietary supplements in the shape of capsules nor for exotic superfoods if you want to stay healthy. We can find valuable nutrients on our windowsill, in the garden, or at the greengrocer’s. Featuring profiles for each single food item, starting with A for apple all the way to Z for zucchini, Christine Baumann shows us what vitamins, micronutrients, and minerals the different fruit and vegetable types supply us with. On the basis of both her therapeutic experience and scientific research she not only presents micronutrients that are essential for the human body in general, but highlights those that give support in extraordinary situations such as stress, pregnancy, or illness. Thanks to a number of recipes, preparation tips, and cultivation guidelines for self-supply, eating healthy in our everyday life becomes super easy.

Christine Baumann

Christine Baumann Alternative healthcare practitioner focusing on women's health, biological cancer therapy, and consultations for athletes. She shares a practice with Margret Madejsky, Olaf Rippe, and others in Munich since 2011.
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