Healthy To The Core – With The Power of the Forest




Dr. Maximilian Moser


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192 pages, with illustrations

Forest bathing is now a worldwide trend but the woods not only offer a feeling of well-being, but a scientifically proven health programme. Through the effect of the forest, illnesses can be prevented–entirely without medical costs.

As incredible as these findings sound, they can be enriching for our lives. In his new book, Maximilian Moser moves away from his focus on Swiss stone pine and towards the overall context of the forest and relates it to our health, our social environment and our future society.

The latest scientific findings point the way to a climate-friendly future for a better quality of life and mindfulness in dealing with nature. For the forest can only be used to its full potential if we deal with its raw materials and healing power in a sustainable and conscious manner.

Dr. Maximilian Moser

Dr. Maximilian Moser, PhD, was born in 1956. He studied Biology and Medicine at the University of Graz. Moser has made significant contributions to studies that scientifically proved the positive effect of the Swiss pine wood on our body for the first time. The father of five is a professor at the Medical University of Graz and heads the Human Research Institute for Health Technology and Preventive Research.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger