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Julia Monnier

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Your easy-to-use guide

Self-massage is a simple, all-purpose wellness tool that is suitable for everyone. It is THE manual technique to integrate into your life without delay to face the discomforts of everyday life and prevent physical and

and prevent physical and emotional disorders. To be combined with the benefits of plants and footbaths thanks to with this practical illustrated guide.

Hand and Foot Self-Massage is simple, free and easy to learn. It can be practiced anywhere, anytime, at any age, and does not require any special clothing or equipment. It includes gradual techniques to suit everyone (intensity, amplitude, precision, time…) and has no side effects and few contraindications. On the contrary, it has many health benefits, such as relaxation, pain relief and the prevention of and the prevention of certain pathologies.

In this manual, you will find a large number of illustrated exercises for self-massage of the hands and feet and feet to deal with the small inconveniences of everyday life (stress, digestive problems, restless sleep, joint pains, headaches…) and improve your health.

To optimise self-massages, you will find advice from naturopathy and phytotherapy and herbal medicine, with guides for use and precautions for use – essential oils, vegetable oils and Bach flowers which have the particularity of acting as well on the physical, emotional and psychic body.

You will also find recipes for ointments, balms and creams made from medicinal plants, and all the information on the accessories, balls and rollers, to increase the effects of your self-massages.

Finally, a new part is devoted to footbaths, a simple and natural technique that consists of soaking your feet in a water bath. natural technique that consists of soaking your feet in water of different temperatures with or without the addition of plants, coarse salts or any other beneficial element. Among their many benefits, they can help strengthen your immune system, relieve pain, regulate blood circulation, dispel fatigue, detoxify, lower stress levels and depressive states…

Julia Monnier

Julia Monnier is a naturopath and creator of natural and holistic solutions. Based in Paris, she works in her own practice and in companies where she organises events on well-being. She also writes articles for magazines and online blogs.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger